Hair straightening - its new and its amazing ...

There's something I have to share with you ... Something I've just discovered it's a hair game-changer!

I've tried every lotion, potion, device and treatment to give my wiry thick coloured hair that actual "swishy" hair look and feel. My hair is sort of "lion like" if left to dry on its own .. Mmm sounds pretty right?

So I was somewhat dubious when Charity and Keira from Vive Hair contacted me to trial their new hair "relaxing" treatment... But I though hey ok let's give this a go.

The treatment from start to finish took 1.5 hours, it was a little tough getting through the application as the solution does have an unpleasant smell but the the end result is Ahhhmmaazing !!

I now wash my hair and step out of the shower, apply a little conditioning spray and leave it to dry for a while till I can be bothered to finish it .. I literally blast it dry in 15 mins (I have heaps of hair) and that's it!

My hair is soft, swishy, smooth and well feels like hair!

Book me in for 6 months time guys I'm in love

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